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We partner with many School Districts and Private Schools, to bring STEM Summer Camps to your community. Please click on the "register" link to register for a class and to get more information about prices.

For more information about a class click on the class name.

2018 Summer Camp Schedule:
Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Coming Soon Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersColumbia Academy  Jul 9    Jul 13    1:00am    4:00pm    1st-3rd  
Coming Soon Advanced Engineering: Animatronics and PneumaticsColumbia Academy  Jun 18    Jun 21    4:00am    5:30pm    5th-8th  
Coming Soon Unity Game EngineColumbia Academy  Jun 18    Jun 22    9:00am    12:00pm    5th-8th  
Coming Soon 3D Engineering: Architectural and Structural DesignColumbia Academy  Jul 9    Jul 13    9:00am    12:00pm    1st-3rd  
Coming Soon Engineering: Solar, Hydro & Wind PoweredColumbia Academy  Jul 23    Jul 27    9:00am    12:00pm    3rd-6th  
Coming Soon Python CodingColumbia Academy  Jul 16    Jul 20    9:00am    12:00pm    3rd-6th  
Coming Soon Robotic Builders: BattlebotsColumbia Academy  Jul 16    Jul 20    9:00am    12:00pm    1st-3rd  
Coming Soon Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockColumbia Academy  Jul 9    Jul 13    9:00am    12:00pm    3rd-6th  
Coming Soon Advanced Engineering: Roller CoasterColumbia Academy  Jul 9    Jul 13    1:00pm    4:00pm    3rd-6th  
Coming Soon Robotic Engineering with EV3Columbia Academy  Jun 25    Jun 29    1:00pm    4:00pm    5th-8th  
Coming Soon MinecraftEduColumbia Academy  Jul 16    Jul 20    1:00pm    4:00pm    1st-3rd  
Coming Soon Game Coding: PlatformerColumbia Academy  Jul 23    Jul 27    1:00pm    4:00pm    3rd-6th  
Coming Soon Digital Film Production: Special EffectsColumbia Academy  Jun 18    Jun 22    1:00pm    4:00pm    5th-8th  
Coming Soon Movie MakerColumbia Academy  Jun 25    Jun 28    4:00pm    5:30pm    5th-8th  
Coming Soon Engineering: Crazy Action ContraptionsColumbia Academy  Jul 9    Jul 12    4:00pm    5:30pm    1st-5th  
Coming Soon Star Wars Jedi Movie MakingColumbia Academy  Jul 16    Jul 19    4:00pm    5:30pm    1st-6th  
Coming Soon Minecraft Multiplayer: City BuilderColumbia Academy  Jul 23    Jul 26    4:00pm    5:30pm    2nd-6th  
Coming Soon Star Wars Robotic BuildersColumbia Academy  Aug 6    Aug 9    9:00am    11:00am    1st-5th  
Coming Soon Wedo Robotic EngineeringColumbia Academy  Jun 25    Jun 27    9:00am    11:00am    K-3rd  
Coming Soon Pokemon Movie MakingColumbia Academy  Jun 11    Jun 14    9:30am    12:00pm    1st-5th  
Coming Soon Hacking Minecraft: Mods, Skins, and TexturesColumbia Academy  Jul 30    Aug 2    9:30am    12:00pm    3rd-8th  
Coming Soon Junior Engineering: Theme ParksColumbia Academy  Jul 30    Aug 2    12:30pm    3:00pm    K-3rd  
Coming Soon Extreme EV3 BattlebotsColumbia Academy  Jun 11    Jun 14    12:30pm    3:00pm    3rd-8th